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250w V4 Samsung LM301H with switchable 660NM UV IR LED Quantum Light Meanwell HLG Driver

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If you are thinking of trying LEDs, this pre-built kit is the one for you.
1) Have it growing within five minutes of getting it. Connect five wires into wago connectors and plug it in.
2) Uses the un-matched Samsung LM301H LEDs
3) Uses the industry leading Meanwell HLG driver with dimmer already connected for you 

This listing is for one 250W Quantum Grow Light with Deep Red, UV, and IR including:
RED, UV, AND IR are controlled by a separate switch*

2 - 272 LED V4 style Boards with Red, UV, and IR with a total of:
512 pcs Samsung LM301H Top Bin high-quality diodes in the spectrum you choose
24 pcs 660nm Deep Red diodes
4 pcs 730nm Far Red(IR) diodes
4 pcs UV diodes 
•80 CRI
•Board Dimensions 286mm*174mm*1.6mm each
Heat sink : 640mm*195mm*10mm  
Meanwell HLG-240H-C2100B
Fully Assembled - all you will need to do is mount the driver(two allen head bolts(wrench included), hook up the wires, plug it in and you're ready to go.
I even have the dimmer already attached to your driver

This is a 250W LED light consisting of two qb272 v4 style boards with 256 Samsung lm301H leds in the spectrum you choose and another 12 - 660nm Deep Red LEDs, 2 - 730nm Far Red(IR) LEDs, and  2 - UV LEDs per board. The Red, UV, and IR are controlled by a switch on each board*. These boards come already mounted onto the approximately 8" x 25" heatsink and pre-wired. It comes with a Meanwell HLG 240H-C2100B driver with a dimmer already attached. The other wires on the driver already have Wago style connectors mounted on them. All you will need to do is mount the driver with two allen head bolts(wrench included), connect the wires into the Wago style connectors, hook up your hanging cables and you are ready to go. We always ship DISCREET. 

*Always un-plug light before turning red on or off. If multiple boards are on the same light, all switches must be the same(on or off) for light to operate correctly.