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RED Booster w/ Samsung LH351H 660nm + 730nm "Emerson effect" LED Sun Board Grow Strip

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This is for 1  30mm x 400mm Sun Board with the options of 30mm Double sided Thermal conductive adhesive tape pre-applied and a 450mm heatsink



6 - Samsung LH351H High Power 660nm Deep Red LEDs

6 - Samsung LH351H High Power 730nm Far Red(IR) LEDs

48 watts recommended max

1800mA recommended max


30mm x 400mm (approximately 1.2" x 16")

Double mounted push-in connectors

Thermal conductivity coefficient of 1.5

2.0 oz. of RA copper


30MM Double sided thermally conductive tape

40mmx450mm heatsink and thermal tape


    These are 30mm x 400mm Red Booster Sun Boards. These have 12 Samsung LH351H High Power LEDs (6 - 660nm Deep Red and 6 - 730nm Far Red / IR) per strip. They are recommended to be run at 1400mA - 1800mA per board and work their best when used with a constant current driver. These have the connectors on each end making hookup a breeze whether you need to use series wiring, parallel wiring or a mix of both. These are the same size as our 96 Samsung LED strips, so are really easy to integrate into a set up using them. They are so easy to work with. By attaching them to one of our optional heatsinks, you then have the ability to build a frame out of simple 1/2" aluminum angle or, for even more adjustment and versatility for expansion, use t-slot. These can very easily be wired in with your Samsung based strips if using a constant current driver. If using just the Red Boosters, some drivers that will work are:

Meanwell LPC-35-1400 powers 1

Meanwell XLG-75-H-AB - powers 2

Meanwell HLG-120H-C1400B - powers 4

Meanwell HLG-185H-C1400B - powers 6

There are so many configurations, its virtually impossible to list them all. There are tons of resources out there to learn more, but if you have questions about a certain one, drop us a line.

 Anything other than the strips shown in the pics is not included. It is only there to show some of what can be done or for reference.