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250W 552 LED Full Spectrum Grow Board w Samsung LM301B plus UV/ 450nm /660nm / 730nm

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300mm x 400mm LED Grow Board

420 - Samsung LM301B LEDs

24 - 450nm Royal Blue LEDs

72 - 660nm Deep Red LEDs

24 - 730nm Far Red (IR) LEDs

2 - 380nm Grow UV3 LEDs

10- Grow UV4 LEDs



This is a huge full spectrum 300mm x 400mm board. By comparison the QB288 board is only 173mm x 285mm. These each include 420 of the amazing Samsung LM301B LEDs in the 3000k spectrum mixed in with 24 Royal Blue, 72 Deep Red, 24 Far Red (IR), 2 Grow UV3, and 10 Grow UV4 LEDs for a massive 552 LEDs that give you a True full spectrum coverage. These have three separate hookups that could be controlled independently if you wanted to add separate dimmers for each section or just use a driver with dimmer to control them all together. You can get this with the included Hueuc 300w(DR-CV-300-24) driver or, if you just get the board, another great driver would be the Meanwell HLG-320H-24B .