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160W 4 Sun Board Strip DIY Quantum Grow Light kit w/ 384 Samsung lm561c LEDs and Meanwell HLG Driver

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    DIY KIT TO BUILD A 150-160W LED STRIP STYLE GROW LIGHT WITH 396 of Samsung's lm561c LEDs FROM 18"X18" UP TO 18"X36"

    • 4 - Samsung lm561c 96 DIODE STRIPS
    • 4 - 40mm x 450mm heatsinks
    • 2 - pcs 1/2" 18ga alum angle in 18", 24", 32", or 36" (custom lengths optional)
    • 30mm double sided Thermal tape pre-applied to boards
    • Meanwell HLG-120H-48A w/internal potentiometers for dimming
    • Wago connectors for power and led hookup
    • 6 foot power cord for driver
    • 5 feet of solid core 18ga wire to hook strips up
    • Screws(to build frame)


    • 96 Samsung lm561c LEDs
    • 24V
    • 48W recommended max
    • 1800mA recommended max
    • 30mm x 400mm each (approximately 1.2" x 16")
    • Dual Connectors(easier to wire in series and/or parallel)
    • 2oz RA Copper                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             This is a complete DIY kit to build from a 18"x18" up to a 18"x36" ready to grow light. We start with 4 of our 30mm x 400mm Sun Boards with Samsung lm561c LEDs(2700k, 3500k, 5000k or 6500k) add 4 of the 40mm x 450mm heatsinks to mount them on, aluminum angle(2 each of 18", 24", 32", OR 36" length), screws to build a frame with and everything else you need to get them growing, including a Meanwell HLG-120H-48A w/internal pots for dimming and a 6 ft power cable for driver. We will even pre-apply 30mm double-sided thermally conductive adhesive tape on the boards for you so all you will need to do is pull the release paper and press them onto your heatsinks for amazing holding power plus the benefit of transferring the heat to the heatsink much better. All you will need to assemble your light is a pair of wire strippers, a drill with 1/8" bit, a good phillips screwdriver and ratchet hangers to hang them. 

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