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30mm Thermally Conductive Double Sided Tape Adhesive LED Heatsink Quantum Strip

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This includes:
Double Sided Thermally Conductive Adhesive tape
30mm width
1.5 w/m-k thermal resistance
0.2mm thickness
Great adhesion
Your choice of:
1) We will pre-apply this tape to single strips for you(add the quantity you need)
2) 12.5m roll - enough for up to 30 strips
3) 25m roll - enough for up to 60 strips

This listing is for double sided thermally conductive adhesive tape that is 30mm in width. It is perfect for attaching the 30mm wide LED quantum strips to heatsinks, stock aluminum, cookie sheets, or whatever you decide to mount them on. We can pre-apply it to single strips you have purchased(be sure to add the correct quantity) or you can purchase 1/2 or full rolls and do it yourself. The 12.5m half roll will cover up to 30 strips and the full roll will do up to 60 strips. It effectively "kills two birds with one stone" as the saying goes. Not only is it strong enough to hold your LED strip to your heatsink, thus killing the need for screws(even if you screw the strips to the heatsink, you still need an interface to help with thermal transfer) or thermal paste, it also has a very low thermal resistance. That way the heat transfers through to the heatsink much better, thus keeping your LED strips a lot cooler, making them more efficient and helping them last longer. It is also great for IC Chips, computer CPUs, GPU modules Hard drives, Solid State drives, any other led quantum boards or strips, power supplies, drivers or pretty much anything you need to attach a heatsink to help transfer the heat from it. As always, this will ship discreetly.